Outline: Alan W. France — “Composition as a Cultural Practice”

France, Alan W. Composition as a Cultural Practice. Westport: Bergin & Garvey, 1994.

Outline (Chs. 2, 3, 4, 7) (Matt Gomes)

1. Assigning Places: The Function of Introductory Composition as a Cultural Discourse (1-17)

2. Toward a Materialist Rhetoric: Rewriting Hegemonic Discourses* (19-36)

3. Composing a Post-Sexist Rhetoric: Introductory Writing Instruction as a Cultural Production* (37-50)

4. Radical Pedagogy and Student Resistance: Can We Fight the Power?* (51-61)

5. Teaching the Dialectics of “Objective” Discourse: A Progressive Approach to Business and Professional Writing (63-73)

6. Science and Self-Expression: The Cognitive Turn in Historical Retrospect (75-93)

7. Pragmatism, Politics, and Social Epistemology in Composition Studies* (95-115)

8. Learning to Explain the “Inexplicable”: Chronicle of an Introductory Academic Writing Course (117-137)

9. Theology and Composition: Inscribing the Absent Other (139-159)